My first CW QSO

What a thrill ! Reminds me of my first QSO.

Yesterday afternoon, I achieved my first QSO Morse. The funny thing is that this is somehow due to chance because I did not want to do CW QSO until I totally know the alphabet. That's how it happened ...

Yesterday afternoon, enjoying a holiday period, I was in the shack spinning the dial of the FT-1000D on 15 meters band when I heard a station on CW at a speed consistent with what my managed to decode brain in that language. I start taking some character and I realize that this is Tony K6ELQ activating K3Y on behalf of SKCC. During his QSO, it gives the report, first name, state (California) and non SKCC membership number. I am impressed because I believe that this is the first time I copy California 559.

But have not finished my learning the alphabet, I would not linger longer and I decided to move on. In fact, I wanted to adjust the hardness of my key so I switched to the dummy load and I transmit my callsign several times to find the right setting spring of my Czech military key.

Now I do not know what I was thinking at the time, but I realize that between my manipulations, I hear from the speakers of the shack "F4F ?", "F4FL ?", "F4 ?" ... etc. This is where I realize that I'm not on the dummy load but connected with the dipole !!! In fact, Tony was trying to identify my callsign on the air thinking I was answering his call.

So in this case, what did you do? I let him waste his time trying to make QSOs (though we spend our time crying that the big guns did we ever meet) or I try the shot even though I know I'm probably going to pick me up?

You know the answer: I keep the QSO, although I should not (you know the saying: "we do not transmit as we do not know the whole alphabet!").

So I awkwardly launches "K6ELQ of F4FLO F4FLO K" and finally, he replied with complete information. There, big emotion because my stomach knotted with fear of making mistakes and handled in parallel, I am so happy to realize this QSO !
I send him my name, my QTH and he gave me a 449 report with my name well copied by Tony.

Time for me to send him a 73 TU then I rest for 2 minutes, sitting in my shack trying to realize what just happened...

I will never forget. Tony thank you for your patience.